About Krystal™

Krystal™ Glass Writing Boards are made in the USA at our New York Factory and are manufactured using the finest “GREEN” ecologically friendly materials and processes.

Krystal™ Glass Writing Boards are made of tempered safety glass and we incorporate special coatings to allow for decades of crisp clear use. Unlike standard “white boards”, your Krystal™ Glass Writing Boards will never ghost, dent or yellow with age.

They are prepared for a simple keyhole hanging on the wall. Installation.pdf

The mounting fixtures (or standoffs, as the industry specifies) are made of from either a composite or aluminum mold. The fixture surfaces are powder-coated colors that emulate Silver, White, Charcoal or Copper so they will complement any decor.  We even offer a stainless steel version as a buy-up option.

Krystal™ Glass Writing Boards are both elegant and functional. Now in every office, restaurant, conference room, classroom and more, your ideas can be presented with a clear and unique touch of class. We are The Clear Choice™ to out-dated and plain white marker boards. Don’t be misled by imposters and imitations, there is only one Krystal™!

Quality, Customer Service and Superb Pricing is the Krystal™ difference!

Krystal™ Glass Writing Boards are made in New York and shipped all over the country. We have clients ranging from Schools and Corporate settings, to small offices and home users. These boards can be personalized graphically, to any dimensional specifications and made to fit any decor or use. Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us and we can supply references upon request.

Krystal™ Glass Writing Boards have an unlimited life span when taken care of properly.

Benefits of our boards are:

  • They are made here in the US and meet all safety and control standards that may not be met by imported products. They are Leed Certified products.
  • Acrylic boards can be a nightmare! They scratch and dent easily and you need to use a special cleaning solution with them or they can stain like old fashioned white boards. Our boards are usable with your normal dry erasers and markers. If someone uses a sharpie or other permanent marker (which we do not suggest) it can still be cleaned off with paper towel and Windex.We have special coatings that others do not have, and once tempered your boards are made to last and never be replaced with normal wear and tear.
  • They can look brand new 5, 10 or even 20 years from now.