I’ve never really blogged before. I’m still kinda surprised it’s a verb. (Yes, I’m a victim of parents who were english majors). I guess though, if I’m good at blogging I probably would like to do it more. When the boss suggested we should all input to the Krystal blog, I thought I would take the chance to talk about how I would like to connect with a new company, new customers and an awesome new product.

So here I go..

I always found, the key to any success is teamwork and the key to teamwork is clear communication.

To engage my teams or any team… be it… R&D “skunkwork” or explaining a filmmaker’s vision in technical terms, the limits and parameters, I relied on a clear, clean, precise message. Krystal Glass Writing Boards would have been the perfect choice to carry that, or any message.

As important as the product, is the Vision. Do you know we have weekly calls with the president of Krystal? Who does that? During the call he reinforces the critical importance of strong customer service, value added products and a full client solution.

Then from the Vision, comes the foundation and structure. He worked with our National Sales Manager and together they have built a world-class product training program and a system to aid and organize our customers’ needs, cradle to grave.

Finally the product, It’s simple, it’s perfect glass.

It’s cleaner then the message it holds, or will hold, ever and forever.

It challenges the sender for perfection and receiver for clarity.

In an office, when it’s blank,… it pleas… even begs, for your best thought, your best drawing, your best plan, your best explanation.

Like everyone, I embrace tweets, IM’s, emails and even blogs (btw, #howamIdoin?, lol). But those are all digital interactions, void of passion or feeling; they electronically try to replace chalk and slate or even the crusty Office Depot white boards that everyone has. Then came glass.

I somehow believe that glass-writing boards will be the last, best, analog evolution of personal interaction.

A long way from the Cro-Magnon guy writing on the cave wall, ya think?

At Krystal Glass Writing Boards we are the Clear Choice !

-Jim B.

Moorepark, CA