FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Krystal™ Glass Writing Boards different or better than the old white boards or Acrylics?

There is really no comparison. The old white boards seem to age right before your eyes and have a horrible problem with denting and ghosting. It’s extremely difficult to clean these boards and they have a relatively short life span not to mention what they take away from the aesthetics of the room you are in. Acrylic boards are better, but tend to be a lot heavier and need special cleaning solutions. We are the original maker of these tempered safety glass boards and offer the best quality at the best prices with quick turn around times and complete customer satisfaction.

Why choose between Krystal™ Clear Writing Boards and the Krystal™ White Backed Boards?

The main difference is in end use. The Krystal™ Clear Boards are a bit sleeker in an executive boardroom or setting and have the capability to be used with large print outs clipped behind. The White boards are a little more appropriate when you want to project power point presentations or video onto the board and they help to reduce eye strain in classroom and laboratory settings when they are stared at for long periods of time. They are both made from the finest materials and are a safety glass product with beautiful inset fixtures. They will add elegance and beauty to any décor. The only other time we suggest the Krystal™ White Boards is when your walls are painted or covered in a dark or busy material that might make reading through a clear board more difficult.

Is there any Limit to Size or Shape on the Krystal™ Boards?

You can have us create whatever shape or size you like in our Krystal™ Boards. Whether you want to create an artistic representation of your company product, a special shape or design to better enhance your environment, or are simply looking for something you can’t get elsewhere, ask us for whatever you need. We do have limitations on the size of individual boards, but many of our clients use a combination or assortment of boards if they need areas covered beyond those limits. When ordering the Krystal™ Glass Boards in Clear, White or Black those limits are 4’9” H x 9’6” W and when ordering the Krystal™ Glass Boards in Frosted the limits are 4’9” H x 8’ W.

What about customizing with colors and Logos?

We offer any size logo you want added to your boards which includes; corporate identification, calendars, maps, borders or grids. We also offer a variety of specialty colors for you to choose from, if that’s the unique touch you’re looking for.

Do I need any special markers or cleaners to use with the Krystal™ Boards?

The Krystal™ Boards (whether clear or white backed) can be used with any dry erase markers you might have or want to purchase. Cleaning is easier than any other board on the market. You simply wipe it clean with any eraser, rag, paper towel etc. and you have a nice clean surface to work on. If you ever find that excessive writing needs a little more to bring our boards back to their Krystal Clear finish, you can use a damp cloth or any cleaning solution, such as Windex etc. and they are as good as new. No need for any special markers or cleaning solutions.

Please note, the quality of your marker does affect the depth and richness of the writing appearance, no matter what you write on, so we always suggest using the best you can

Where are you located and where do you ship?

We are located Perrysburg, Ohio and we ship throughout the world, so there are no limitations.

Depending on the size, we ship either through UPS or a regular freight company. Unlike heavy acrylic boards or framed boards, shipping is less than you might expect.

We will always include shipping in our quotes to you!