Graywolf Reviews the Krystal Glass Writing Board

Recently Michael Gray (Graywolf) reviewed a Krystal Glass Writing Board. Here is an excerpt from his review:

“So why would you actually want a glass whiteboard instead of  your standard dry erase board?

First off, it’s a much more professional looking piece of office equipment. A dry erase board is cheaper, but it also looks cheaper too. A glass whiteboard is much more durable. After you’ve had a standard whiteboard for a while and someone forgets to erase it after a meeting you get “ghosting”– we’ve all seen it. So you get to relive the details of that meeting over and over again. With a glass whiteboard that never happens. With standard dry erase boards you need to use special markers. Eventually someone forgets and uses a sharpie permanent marker and then you’re stuck with whatever they wrote forever. With a Krystal whiteboard that’s not an issue: you can use any marker you want and clean it later with a little glass cleaner and paper towel.”

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