5 Amazing Thoughts to Become a Positive Motivating Force and Unlock the Potential of Your Student Athletes

Athletic directors and coaches are the front line protecting student athletes. You keep them safe during games and practice, you have them work out properly to enhance but not hurt their abilities, and you are the best cheerleader they have to get … [Read more...]

Top Career Experts Share Their Best Tips for Success In 2017

We often hear that a new year is time for a new you or a new job. Sometimes that’s the exact thing you need to hear first, but it’s hard to get that follow-up that tells us how to better ourselves and our career path. To connect those dots a … [Read more...]

5 Strategies to Create a Killer Presentation

No one wants to be the presenter who is boring their audience to death, and no one wants to sit through another painful PowerPoint presentation that just doesn’t seem to end. You can engage your audience and have a little fun by taking the right … [Read more...]


I’ve never really blogged before. I’m still kinda surprised it’s a verb. (Yes, I’m a victim of parents who were english majors). I guess though, if I’m good at blogging I probably would like to do it more. When the boss suggested we should all input … [Read more...]

Why Office Furniture Dealers Must Review the Krystal™ glass marker board system

Certainly before they move forward with a recommendation to use the glass whiteboard as the innovative alternative to the traditional whiteboard or chalkboard.  Krystal™ uses the best natural resource sand available, the highest quality control in a … [Read more...]

Graywolf Reviews the Krystal Glass Writing Board

Recently Michael Gray (Graywolf) reviewed a Krystal Glass Writing Board. Here is an excerpt from his review: "So why would you actually want a glass whiteboard instead of  your standard dry erase board? First off, it’s a much more professional … [Read more...]