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Looking for a way to add class to your business? Want to get noticed? Want people to pay attention to your presentation? We have the solution. Make your presentation stand out with our tempered glass writing boards. Office managers, architects, interior designers and other professionals will find that Krystal™ glass writing boards are the answer to their business needs. They are composed of high tempered glass that will stand the test of time. The Krystal™ tempered glass boards will make the statement your organization deserves. Personalize it with your company logo and see it transform any room into a high end studio. We know you will be pleased, as we have many other satisfied clients that are always reordering. One custom glass board usually leads to a second custom glass board or more. This is how we have grown, word-of-mouth and repeat orders. Our glass marker boards are the answer. Whether you require a clear, frosted or white glass board, we will customize it to your needs.

Be confident in assembling your ideas with clarity on tempered glass boards that will not ghost, stain or fade. Our custom glass boards are the perfect fit for the elegant, sophisticated and professional firm. Discover how functionality, durability and elegance add up to the clear choice – buy Krystal™ Glass Writing Boards and see the difference.

We are now offering the Krystal™ Glass Writing Boards MADE IN THE USA!!! Quicker delivery times, lower prices and more options all passed on to you.

All elements of the Krystal™ Writing Boards are made in the USA. Quality American made products at affordable and competitive pricing is no longer a thing of the past! While our boards may cost a bit more than traditional white boards and some of the cheaper imported imitations, the safety standards, quality and durability is second to none. Comparing quality and longevity, you will find Krystal™ Glass Writing Boards is the best value.

Our boards are made using tempered .25″ glass.  A special coating is added to the board, which means they are elegant, functional and safe.  Our Frosted boards are also made with the same tempered glass.  The frosted coating is applied to the rear of the board, which adds an even more elegant touch to the overall environment.

We don’t stop there…we also offer a varied selection of color backings that can be applied to the rear of the board. These custom color coatings will add a special uniqueness and further enhance any room in your building.  Select from the following colors:

The dimensions below are our standard production sizes; but all boards are made to order and any size you desire can be made at no additional up-charge. Our boards are available in Clear, White Coated, Frosted, Etched and Black (Onyx). Corporate Logos, Grids and Calendars, as well as desired personal graphics, can be added to our boards to give you just what you need.Please follow the link and input the quantity, dimensions, +/- coating and final shipping destination to get exact quote. Our quotes include the mounting hardware, fixtures, markers, dry eraser, and corner tray.

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