Colors and Sizes

Color Coatings

We offer a varied selection of color backings that can be applied to the rear of the board. These custom color coatings will add a special uniqueness and further enhance any room in your building.  Select from the following colors:

Download our Color Coated Chart

Krystal Backing Color Chart

The inset mount fixtures are available in Silver, Copper or Charcoal finishes.

Board Sizes

The dimensions below are our standard production sizes; but all boards are made to order and any size you desire can be made at no additional up-charge. Our boards are available in Clear, White Coated, Frosted, Etched and Black (Onyx). Corporate Logos, Grids and Calendars, as well as desired personal graphics, can be added to our boards to give you just what you need.

Board Sizes

Please follow the link and input the quantity, dimensions, +/- coating and final shipping destination to get exact quote. Our quotes include the mounting hardware, fixtures, markers, dry eraser, and corner tray.

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