Top Career Experts Share Their Best Tips for Success In 2017

We often hear that a new year is time for a new you or a new job. Sometimes that’s the exact thing you need to hear first, but it’s hard to get that follow-up that tells us how to better ourselves and our career path.

To connect those dots a little better, Krystal Glass Writing Boards has put together some of the best advice from career experts across the web. Take a look, and good luck with what comes next.

Diversify — Bernard Marr

Whether you’re looking at a career change or want to grow in your capabilities, Marr says the best thing you can do is to diversity your experiences. Get outside your comfort zone and try something that you aren’t already good at. You may pick up a new skill or an appreciation for a talent in others, both of which can help you decide how to advance your efforts.

Work for 15 Minutes — Carson Tate

Author Carson Tate suggests creating a list of things that you can accomplish during the day, each of which takes less than 15 minutes. That way you can fight off procrastination and stagnation. It’s perfect for the dentist’s office or when the draw of Facebook threatens to consume your productive times.

Tackle Email Less to Reduce Stress — Jocelyn Glei

The more often you check your email, the more stress you’re feeling and putting on yourself, so cut it out, says author Jocelyn Glei. She says that setting aside batches of time throughout the day to check email and sticking to them can make you more productive and happier.

It’s a good tactic for any almost any career path and can give you the opportunities you need to get better at other tasks and skills that are more desirable for the promotion or job change you want.

Build a “Personal Board of Directors” — Dorie Clark

Dorie Clark’s Stand Out was picked as the top leadership book of 2015 by Inc. Magazine and there’s one key activity she continues to reiterate: create a “board” of people who you care about and can help you. For your career, this means selecting a few people whom you respect and can help you meet your next goal.

Plan meetings with them — grabbing a cup of coffee or getting lunch work — to establish a connection and you have a good chance of getting the wisdom, advice, or connection you need in your next important career moment.

Change Your Act AND Your Audience — Ora Shtull

When Ora Shtull teaches C-suite executives how to grow their careers and avoid stalling, she says there are just two steps to follow. First, change your Act by advancing professionally with skill and knowledge building as you advance. The second, which she says people often miss, is to change your Audience. That means you need to keep networking and reach out to people who can help you grow as a person as well as those who can help you grow your career.

Tell A Story — Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter

It seems 2017 is going to be a big year for career changes, whether that’s a new position at a new company or being able to put your hat in the ring for a better raise as the economy picks up. Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter, Owner of CareerTrend, says you’ll stand out if you put your successes in terms of a story. Turn your responsibilities or resume into a tale of successes so that leadership can easily see and understand how you can help them out in the future.

These are just a few of our favorite pieces of advice for career success and growth in 2017. If you like what you’re seeing, please join us and subscribe to our newsletter for more great tips and thoughts.